Over 620 events annually in Europe are supplied and secured with Barriers and Mobile Fences from Dammann Absperrung GmbH.
Our professional and reliable service is typically achieved with a team of 40 full-time employees.

  • Cycling World Championship in Ponferrada/Spain
    • construction and dismantling of 32,000 metres Barriers in nine hours, respectively
  • Half Marathon World Championship in Copenhagen:
    • construction and dismantling of 17,500 metres Barriers in seven hours, respectively
  • Cycling World Championship in Austria and Denmark
    • Cycling Race in Berlin, Munster, Stockholm and Düsseldorf
  • Cycling Tour of  Turkey:
    • construction and dismantling of 6,000 metres Barriers and Mobile Fences daily in eight cities from Istanbul to Alanya
  • Cycling Race in Hamburg:
    • construction and dismantling of 28,000 metres Barriers and Mobile Fences
  • Ironman Series Europe in 23 cities from Sweden to Italy
  • Biathlon Ruhpolding
  • European Athletics Championship in Zurich
  • Triathlon European Championship in Kitzbühel
  • Airport Frankfurt – Northwest Runway
  • European Football Championship in Austria and Switzerland
  • FIFA World Cups in Germany and South Afrika
  • Motorcycle Race in Bremerhaven
  • Cirque du Soleil Tour of Europe since 1997
  • 42 Marathons and City Runs
  • 55 Triathlons
  • 20 Music Festivals and Open Airs