Personal Rental

Commercial temporary employment is only permitted with a permit.

The permission for temporary employment has been given to us by the following authority.

Bundesagentur für Arbeit
Regionaldirektion Niedersachsen – Bremen
Röpkestraße 3
30173 Hannover

With us as a partner, you can respond quickly and flexibly to the increased personnel requirements in the future through the constant change in the markets. In addition, you can compensate for staff shortages during the holiday season or due to illness at short notice. As a result, you can accept additional orders or carry out existing ones even faster – entirely in the interests of your customers.

We are available for you around the clock – our 24 hour service. Save time for interviews. We bring reliable and well-trained staff.

Personal Rental

Forklift driver
Truck driver
• Booth builder
• Assembly assistant
• Construction assistant
• Runner
• Cable facilities