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In line with the rapid development of the event sector, the requirements for service providers in the field of barriers have increased: experience, speed, quality and reliability are now the key criteria in the planning and organisation of work processes.
For now 25 years we have worked out the competence and knowledge therefore.

Currently, we move substantially more than 1.6 million metres of mobile fences, police barriers, stage barriers and crowd barriers each year. A stock of mobile fences and barriers exceeding 152.000 metres enables us to be in an independent position to deliver at any point in time.
As first company in Europe we got the certification of quality management system ISO 9001:2015 for the area of barriers for events.
Our range of services includes also the rental and sale of mobile fences, site fences, crowd barriers, police barriers, stage barriers, security gates and accessories for various events and construction sites; Construc- tion and dismantling of all materials; Consultancy, organisation, planning, preparation of procedures, opera- tional, time and barrier schedules as well as all around services during the project.
The following sectors have been added in the last two years: Event logistics, traffic barrier, services for house and property, move, online shop, rental and sale of mobile container with a length untill 3,40 m.
We advise you competently and show you solutions for your requirements. Call us or send us an e-mail.

Managing Director:

Klaus Peter Dammann
Mobile phone: 0177-5261860