Transport / Logistics

You can expect more from us. We have storage depots in a wide range of locations, with a total stock of more than 152,000 metres of Barriers as well an extensive supply of specialty products for sport events and football stadiums. We are therefore always able to deliver independently from any other sources.

Our current stock comprises:

  • 50,000 metres of Barriers
  • 85,000 metres of Mobile Fences
  • 5,000 metres of Police Barriers
  • 900 metres of Stage Barriers
  • 1,100 pieces of Security Gates

Having our own fleet of truck, consisting of twelve modern trucks with semitrailers, enables us to be flexible, reliable and committed to always deliver our products on time. Furthermore, we possess eight Europe-wide transportation licenses permitting us to additionally fulfil national and international transport requests.

In addition to our flexible fleet of trucks, we also have eleven so called “portable forklifts” – something unique in Europe. Our competitive positioning is further emphasised by the fact that we are able to be present at different locations simultaneously without any impact on the quality of our service.