Mobile Fence Accessories

You search Mobile Fence Accessories? We have Mobile Fence Accessories in various versions for rent and for purchase in our delivery program.

Below we have listed names for the crowd barriers in Europe.

Mobilzaun Zubehör
Mobile hek accessoires
Mobile hegn tilbehør

Further details and designs for the rental, rent, hire and purchase of Mobile Fence Accessories on request.

P-Nr. 41350
Standard Clamp, two parts
Weight: 0.5 kg

P-Nr. 41351
Security Clamp, two parts
Weight: 0.45 kg

P-Nr. 41500
Hinge Set for gate Type M
Weight: 1.2 kg

P-Nr. 41501
Hinge Set for gate Type B
Weight: 1 kg

P-Nr. 41150
Peg Type M with Securing Hook
Length: 800 mm, Weight: 2.5 kg

P-Nr. 41151
Peg Type B
Length: 600 mm, Weight: 2 kg

P-Nr. 41400
Barbed Wire Holder, Straight
Length: 500 mm, Weight: 0.6 kg

P-Nr. 41401
Barbed Wire Holder V-shaped
W/L: 20 x 300 mm, Weight: 1.3 kg

P-Nr. 41300
Anti-lift Device Type M
Weight: 0.5 kg

P-Nr. 41303
Anti-lift Device Type B
Weight: 0.5 kg

P-Nr. 41200
Mobile Diagonal Strut
Length: 1,950 mm, Weight: 5.4 kg

P-Nr. 41201
Mobile Diagonal Strut with Tube
Length: 1,950 mm, Weight 5.9 kg

P-Nr. 41220
Height Compensation Ring
Weight: 0.4 kg

P-Nr. 41250
Gate-Wheel Type A
For screwing, with locking device,
Wheel Ø 130 mm, Weight: 3 kg

P-Nr. 41251
Gate-Wheel Type B
For screwing,
Wheel Ø 200 mm, Weight: 1,5 kg